• Developmental & Behavioral Visits
    Learn more about developmental and behavioral disorders in children. A growing child can greatly benefit from visiting their pediatrician regularly for routine checkups. No, a child doesn’t have to be sick Read more
  • What Is Tonsillitis? - Symptoms and Causes
    Tonsilitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the tonsils, which are small masses on either side of the throat. When they get infected, they can swell and become sore. Read more
  • FAQ's on Newborn Care
    Prepare for your baby even before they arrive with these helpful tidbits for first-time parents. Your baby is on its way. While you’re painting the nursery, reading up on the best Read more
  • Why Are Physicals So Important In Children?
    You’re probably well aware that whenever your child starts school, they should be up to date on their physicals for both school and sports. You may not fully understand why Read more
  • Summer Safety Tips for Children
    Keep your child safe while enjoying fun in the sun. School’s out for summer, and your child may be gearing up for outdoor adventures, summer camps, swim team, and other activities. Read more
  • Does My Child Have Anxiety?
    Be able to spot the warning signs of anxiety in your child. Anxiety is undoubtedly on the rise, not just for adults but for children. The pandemic has certainly left kids Read more
  • Signs of a Bone Fracture in Toddlers
    Your pediatrician in Granger, IN, can help with toddler injuries and bone fractures When you have a toddler who can’t talk to you, it can be difficult to know if your Read more
  • The Importance of Children's Nutrition
    Make sure your child is following a healthy, balanced diet. One in 5 school children is considered obese in the US. So, how do we stop these statistics from getting any Read more
  • Helping Your Child Deal With Minor Illnesses or Injuries
    Here’s your first-aid guide on how to care for minor childhood injuries. In a perfect world, your child would never get injured, sick, or hurt; unfortunately, this just isn’t 100 percent Read more
  • Ear Infections in Children
    Does an ear infection automatically warrant seeing a pediatrician? Here’s what you should know… Your child is dealing with an ear infection for the first time and just like when they Read more
  • Newborn Care and Development - What To Expect
    Though you may spend many hours pouring through books and online articles about newborn care, once you are in the hospital and are given the little bundle of responsibility is Read more
  • What Are the Childhood Vaccinations?
    Navigating through information regarding vaccines can at times seem overwhelming, not only are there vocal concerns about efficacy and safety, but understanding which vaccines are needed when is difficult to Read more
  • The Importance Of Well-Child Care Visits
    A healthy child begins with the right doctor. A pediatrician can help you and your child make the best and most informed decisions regarding their health. It’s important to have Read more
  • The Importance of Well Baby Checks
    Making sure that your child is healthy is so much more than taking them to doctor when they’re sick for treatment. It’s important that you’re taking your child to their Read more
  • Why Is Newborn Care Important?
    Your pediatrician in Granger, IN, can help you when you are caring for your newborn baby.When you have a newborn baby, chances are you have a lot of questions about Read more
  • What Does a Pediatrician Do?
    How a well-baby check from your pediatrician in Granger, IN, can protect your child’s health. You care about your baby’s health, and that’s why you need the help of your pediatrician. Read more

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