COVID 19 Testing For Kids

COVID 19 Testing For Kids in Granger, IN

With the change in weather, we also welcome the flu season. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which can make parents even more concerned about their children catching coronavirus or other serious respiratory infections. With many schools back in session we understand the concerns and fears parents have, which is why our pediatrician, Dr. Charisse Johnson, and the team at Premier Pediatrics of Indiana provide Covid-19 testing to children.

Symptoms Can Be Mild

With many school-age kids, we often notice that the symptoms of coronavirus are mild or that they are asymptomatic. The good news is that most kids do recovery quickly from coronavirus. The biggest concern is that kids can be carriers, spreading the disease to others in the community including immunocompromised individuals and the elderly, who are more likely to develop severe illness. Since symptoms of Covid-19 can mimic those of a cold or flu, especially in children, testing is the only way to know whether your child is infected with Covid-19.

Reasons to Test

Not all children will require Covid-19 testing. If your child or teen is showing symptoms of Covid-19 then they should be tested right away. They should not return to school or go out in public until they’ve received a negative Covid-19 test. If your child is about to undergo a medical procedure, our team may also recommend getting tested before the procedure. Travel will also require the appropriate testing for all family members, including children. If your child has been exposed to someone with Covid-19, they should be tested about 3-5 days after being exposed, even if they don’t develop symptoms.

Types of Tests

There are two main types of Covid-19 tests: a rapid antigen test and an antibody or PCR test. The antibody test is used to determine if your child has had Covid-19 in the past but will not pick up a current infection. If your child is actually showing symptoms of Covid-19, we will perform an antigen test. If your child is getting a rapid antigen test, they will get results before they leave our office; otherwise, most patients will get their results within 2-4 days of testing.

Worried about your child’s symptoms? Wondering if they should get tested for Covid-19? Dr. Johnson and the team at Premier Pediatrics of Indiana would be happy to answer any questions you have and let you know whether they recommend testing or not. To learn more, call us at (574) 855-4575 .

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