The Importance of Childhood Immunizations

With so much information on the web today, parents are more apprehensive than ever to get their kids vaccinated. While we definitely encouraged parents to educate themselves before giving anything to their children, our Dr. Charisse Johnson of Premier Pediatrics in Granger, IN, would like to shed some light on why pediatrician immunizations are important.

Some Diseases Are Deadly in Children

Pediatrician immunizations protect children against viral and bacterial infections that could be deadly in general or specifically in children. Sometimes, an infection that a teen or adult can handle without a problem is deadly in a toddler or infant. Sometimes, the disease it protects against can cause complications that lead to death in children or in general.

Some Diseases Cause Serious Long-Term Effects

Sometimes, a disease may not seem all that serious with the initial symptoms it causes. However, once the disease progresses, it can cause issues that are long-term.

Polio, for instance, can lead to permanent paralysis in children. The vaccine, however, provides the child with a defense mechanism against it to ward off potentially serious complications.

Protecting Those Around Them

Besides protecting the child from illness, these inoculations also protect those around them. Sometimes, a disease that's not serious in children could be severe or even deadly in a parent or grandparent. This is also the case if someone the child is in contact with is immunocompromised. 

A requirement in Granger, IN

Some pediatric vaccinations are necessary for a child to go to school legally. While there are medical and religious exemptions, most children need to have all the vaccinations required by law to attend school. Even younger children who are going to preschool may need to have certain vaccines to begin, which protect everyone in the classroom.

Sometimes, a child may need additional vaccinations to travel. Additional vaccinations are also necessary for some colleges. With COVID being such a prevalent concern, some day camps and other establishments are requiring a child have the vaccine if he or she is eligible by age.

Dr. Johnson of Premier Pediatrics in Granger, IN, believes in the power of pediatrician immunizations and will help you make an informed choice for your child. Our practitioner will answer any questions you have and help you stay on track with what vaccines are beneficial for your child based on his or her age.

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