5 Things You Should Know About Asthma This Summer

The summer season is a time for fun and outdoor activities. Asthma sufferers can enjoy this special time of year, too, but should be aware of potential problems.

1. Choose sports that have downtime or an option to slow down or stop, such as baseball, swimming, and biking, and avoid these types of asthma problems. If you use a swimming pool for your swim time, be certain the area is ventilated because a strong chlorine smell can trigger asthma symptoms. Ask Dr. Charisse Johnson at Premier Pediatrics of Indiana in Granger, IN, about activities that are OK this summer.

2. Humid, hot weather and pollen can cause asthma symptoms. Check the weather forecast and pollen count information. You may need to shift your plans to do an indoor activity.

3. Windy weather can spread mold and pollen and this can cause allergies and asthma symptoms.

4. Other types of weather that can cause asthma include:

  • Hot temperatures
  • Cold temperatures
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorms

5. Thunderstorm asthma can occur when rain from a thunderstorm breaks up pollen grains into smaller-sized particles, which are easier to inhale, and the wind carries them into the air where you can inhale them more readily.

Be aware of these potential problems and stay indoors if you need to until the weather and pollen are normal. Plan indoor activities in advance to prepare to have alternate plans when the weather and pollen counts are outside the normal range for your health. Your health is important and be certain you are monitoring the weather and pollen conditions. 

Talk to a doctor at Premier Pediatrics of Indiana, in Granger, IN, to find out more about how to avoid common asthma triggers. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Charisse Johnson and protect your child from any asthma symptoms. Call (574) 855-4575 and discuss any concerns you may have when you have your appointment.

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